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An injury and a turning point in life


In 2020, I suffered a challenging injury with torn anterior cruciate ligaments that changed my life and my perspectives.

Discovering the world of coffee


During my recovery, I began to explore and discover the fascinating world of coffee.

Passion ignited


My love for coffee developed as I learned more about its origins, preparation and enjoyment.

Decision for training


Inspired by my passion, I decided to complete an apprenticeship at the Coffee Consulate and Dr. Schwarz to deepen my knowledge as a coffeeologist



I successfully completed the certifications as a Coffee Connoisseur, Coffee Roaster and Coffeeologist, which enabled me to share my knowledge and passion with others.

The birth of a vision


Driven by my belief in the connection between football and coffee, I started an entrepreneurial journey to create a space where these two passions can come together.