Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed the tradition of drinking coffee, meeting friends for coffee and welcoming them home with a warm "Let's have coffee." I have always been familiar with the basics of coffee – Arabica, Robusta, Canephora.

After moving to Germany and starting an independent life, my journey through different types of coffee machines began. Capsules, fully automatic machines, different types of coffee... Nevertheless, I hesitated to invest over 1000 euros in a high-quality grinder and a machine for the perfect espresso.

The turning point came in August 2020: During a Champions League quarter-final against Lyon, I suffered one of the most serious injuries of my sporting career - my anterior cruciate ligament was damaged. A few days later, in a moment of despondency, I received an email announcing that the espresso machine I had been wanting was back in stock. Without much hesitation and in the midst of chaos, I decided to buy it and bring some joy into my life.

And so my journey began... experimenting with different types of coffee, finding the ideal temperature, fine-tuning the grinder to perfection. Reading books, researching on the internet - a year later I decided to buy a home roaster and get more involved in roasting my own coffee. Months of learning, overcoming obstacles and realizing that with every new knowledge came an opportunity to learn even more.

Then I decided to do an apprenticeship to further develop myself. After extensive research, I chose Mannheim and the Coffee Consulate. The courses fit perfectly into my summer break. With every course and every lecture, my confidence in my knowledge grew. The idea of ​​starting my own business arose as I now felt equipped with the necessary knowledge.

But then I asked myself: "How, Jovi? What sets you apart from others?" The idea of ​​combining two things I am passionate about – football and coffee – began to take shape. Both bring people together and create a feeling of unity. So why not my coffee too?

And so everything took its course...

  • Why Nine Fine Roastery?

    Because I wear the number 9 on my jersey, my mother was born on September 9th and this number has a special meaning for me. “Fine” because the coffee in our store is truly of the finest quality.

  • What coffee do we offer?

    We proudly present coffees from four different countries – Brazil, India, El Salvador and Mexico. We import our green coffee directly from the plantations through a trusted importer. The origin of our coffee can be traced back to the exact plot on the plantation. We differentiate not only between types of coffee, but also between the varieties of our coffee.

  • Why is that important?

    Because it ensures fair wages for workers on the farms, good working conditions, no child labor and a systematic approach to cultivation - which in turn ensures the top quality of the coffee.

  • How do we roast?

    Currently we (I) roast wink wink coffee with Coffee Tech roasters. Each coffee has a profile created in advance depending on whether it is intended for espresso, filter or omniroast.