Welcome to Nine Fine Roastery where the fascinating combination of coffee and football creates a unique experience.

Experience the fascinating world of coffee - designed with love and passion. Here, unique flavors and emotions come together to create something very special. No matter whether you are a coffee newbie or an expert, with us you will find the perfect bean for your unique enjoyment experience.

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  • What coffee do we offer?

    We offer coffee from four different countries – Brazil, India, El Salvador and Mexico. We import directly from plantations through a trusted importer. The origin of our coffee can be traced back to the exact plot on the plantation. We differentiate not only between types of coffee, but also between the varieties of our coffee.

  • Why is that important?

    This is important because it ensures fair wages for workers on the farms, good working conditions, no child labor and a systematic approach to cultivation, which guarantees top quality coffee.

  • How do we roast?

    We currently roast coffee with Coffee Tech roasters. Each coffee has a profile created in advance depending on whether it is intended for espresso, filter or omniroast.

  • Ordered a package and then what?

    To send packages we use the DHL service. As a rule, packages are ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

  • Sustainable delivery practices at Nine Fine Roastery.

    It is possible that your valued Nine Fine Roastery coffee will not be delivered in specially designed packaging, but instead in a box from another product. Don't worry, this is an indication that we work in a sustainable way at Nine Fine Roastery. We rely on reusing shipping boxes that we source from local stores to bring our coffee beans to you in an environmentally friendly way. Although this may sometimes seem unusual, this is how we are doing our part to protect our planet.

  • Why don't we actually want to sell ground coffee?

    Whole beans retain the freshness of the flavors for longer. It is difficult to determine the perfect grind for each customer. If you don't own a grinder, we recommend inexpensive manual hand grinders. If desired, we will be happy to grind the coffee according to your wishes

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