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Nine Fine Roastery

ESSPRESSO trial package

ESSPRESSO trial package

Immerse yourself in the world of ESPRESSO COFFEE with our sample package, consisting of three outstanding creations: MATCH DAY | BOX 2 BOX | KICK OFF

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BOX 2 BOX Similar to a versatile box-to-box player, this coffee dominates the playing field of the senses. The Bourbon Amarello PN 70% Conillon N 30% blend offers a harmonious combination of flavors with notes of orange, chocolate and almond. From espresso to French press – this coffee adapts to any preparation method and offers a dynamic taste experience.

KICK OFF Welcome to Kick-Off, the mood maker for your coffee world! This 50-50 blend of Bourbon Tekisic FW and CxR FW coffee unfolds a perfect symphony of dates, hazelnuts and lemon peel. Less fruity but full of flavor, Kick-Off promises a flavorful jolt and the energy boost you need for your day.

MATCH DAY The highlight of the enjoyment is Match Day, a single-origin coffee from the lively coffee plantations of Brazil. With Catuai Vermelho PN beans it offers a harmonious mix of dark chocolate, plum, caramel and marzipan. Perfect for espresso, cappuccino or flat white – Match Day promises excellence in every cup.

Get the ESSPRESSO COFFEE trial package and discover the unique creations that will make your coffee journey an extraordinary experience!