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Nine Fine Roastery

FILTER trial package

FILTER trial package

Experience our unique world of coffee with the FILTER COFFEE trial package.

Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite flavors of BOX 2 BOX | EXTENSION | WARM UP seduces – a hand-picked selection that will pamper your senses.

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  • Small batches for the highest quality
  • Ready to ship in 24 hours, with DHL delivery in your cup in just 2-3 days.
  • Happy coffee enjoyment in environmentally friendly packaging!
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BOX 2 BOX: The box-to-box player

Similar to a box-to-box player dominating the field, this Bourbon Amarello PN 70% Conillon N 30% blend takes control of your senses. With artisanal balance and aromas of orange, chocolate, almond, rock sugar and cinnamon, this coffee offers a dynamic and versatile taste experience. Enjoy winning performance with every preparation method.

EXTENSION: Your coffee, your weekend extended

Like overtime in a crucial football game, this filter coffee not only intensifies your day but also extends your weekend. With single-origin Arabica beans from Mexico, called Sarchimor, it embodies aromas of peach, vanilla, caramel, nougat and jasmine. A companion in crucial moments for increased energy and enjoyment.

WARM UP: Warm up for a special coffee experience

Our "Warm Up" blend combines the rarity of Liberica with Arabica S795 for a unique flavor profile. Perfect for an energy boost during the day or a cozy weekend. Enjoy the sweet flavors of nougat, honey, blackberry, tonka bean and vanilla. β€œWarm Up” isn’t just coffee; it's a delicious taste of your day's adventures.

Immerse yourself in the world of FILTER COFFEE tasting package - three unique coffee experiences that will redefine your preferences.