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Nine Fine Roastery




Preparation recommendation:
portafilter | Fully automatic | Bialetti

Date | Lemon peel | hazelnut

Brazil | India

CxR | Bourbon Tekisic

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Welcome to Kick-Off, the mood maker for your coffee world!
This blend is a 50-50 blend of Bourbon Tekisic FW and CxR FW coffee - imagine the perfect symphony of flavors with hints of dates and hazelnuts and lemon zest.
This isn't just about coffee; it's an expedition of taste! Whether you're an espresso pioneer or a fan of milky delights, Kick-Off is always by your side. Straight from the coffee havens of India and Brazil, this brewery is your ticket to a low-acid, sweet and aromatic journey.

For those who appreciate the details: Kick-Off has less fruit flavors than Match Day coffee. When prepared as a ristretto, a pleasant note of acidity may be perceived, but when prepared as an espresso it delivers a smooth, acid-free experience.

But Kick-Off isn't just coffee; it is your daily pick-me-up. Do you need a kick to start the day? Are you longing for positive vibes for the week ahead? Are you preparing for a big game or a crucial meeting? Kick-Off is your secret weapon, promising a flavorful jolt and the energy boost you need. Immerse yourself in the magic of coffee, let Kick-Off be your companion and make every day an extraordinary experience!"
"Start strong, finish stronger - that's the power of Kick Off, where every coffee moment is a small victory."