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Nine Fine Roastery




Preparation recommendation:
Filters | AeroPress | French press

Peach| vanilla | Caramel


Sarchimor FW

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Extra time – the coffee that intensifies your experience like a decisive football game.

This filter coffee is designed to extend not only your day but also your weekend. He gives you moments of joy, energy and pure devotion.

Extra time is not only crucial in football, but also in your everyday life. This coffee variant will become your companion in the crucial moments, strengthening your focus and clarity when it really matters.

Our single-origin Arabica beans, known as Sarchimor, come from the high altitudes of Mexico and are prepared using a sophisticated method. The result is a coffee that embodies the rich flavors of peach, vanilla and caramel, complemented by subtle notes of nougat and jasmine.

Refine your coffee experience with Extension - your key to extended enjoyment, increased energy and the exquisite taste of crucial moments. Welcome to a new dimension of coffee enjoyment!