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Preparation recommendation:
Filters | AeroPress | French press

nougat | honey | elder

India | El Salvador

S 795 | Liberica

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Warm Up" Blend presents a unique blend in which the rarity of Liberica adds a distinctive touch for a special coffee experience. Despite its rarity, we have carefully combined Liberica with Arabica S795, resulting in a remarkable flavor profile that is truly unique.

Warm Up was designed to be your reliable companion. Be it for an energy boost during the day, a cozy weekend at home or to increase your enthusiasm before or during a game. Because, let's be honest, nothing great happens without a proper warm-up.

This blend, surprisingly my favorite even though I'm not particularly into filter coffee, is perfectly made for your trusty filter. But feel free to try it in different ways; he is quite versatile.
Enjoy the sweet aromas of nougat, honey, blackberry and a hint of elderflower and the delightful sweetness of tonka bean and vanilla. Warm Up isn't just coffee; it's a delicious taste of your day's adventures.