French Press Coffee Guide: Genießen Sie den perfekten Kaffee mit unserer Anleitung!

French Press Coffee Guide: Enjoy the perfect coffee with our instructions!

The French press, not only eponymous but actually created in France in the 18th century, offers a simple method for making coffee . A metal sieve acts as a filter through which the water mixed with coffee powder is pushed.
Because no filter paper is used, more coffee oils and fats end up in the coffee, often giving it a more intense, fuller and less "clean" taste.
That's how it's done:
  1. Use coarsely ground coffee grounds , about the size of semolina.
  2. Mix about 60 grams of coffee with one liter of water .
  3. Rinse the French press with hot water.
  4. Put the coffee in the pot and pour in 150 ml of water at a temperature of around 92-93°C .
  5. After 30 seconds, let it steep and then add the remaining water.
  6. Let the coffee brew for a total of 4:30 minutes .
  7. After 4:30 minutes , scoop off the foam and coffee powder layer with a spoon, place the stamp and carefully press the coffee grounds down. Let it rest briefly and then pour in fresh water.
When prepared correctly, French press coffee is a real pleasure and an easy way to make larger quantities of coffee!
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