Sieben Schritte zum perfekten Espresso: Meister die Kunst der Zubereitung!

Seven steps to the perfect espresso: master the art of preparation!

I love espresso and espresso loves me. Fact. Preparing a first-class espresso requires not only a high-quality espresso machine but also craftsmanship and an analytical mind. However, it is not as demanding as it might initially seem. Here are seven steps to help you achieve improved espresso:

  1. Start by preheating your espresso cup, as coffee is particularly sensitive to temperature changes. Many espresso machines have a hot water dispenser, which is ideal for this.

  2. Clean the portafilter thoroughly by removing the coffee grounds and cleaning the portafilter with a cloth. This step is often neglected but is crucial because oils are released during extraction that can affect the taste of the next espresso.

  3. Make the coffee finely ground, following the rule of thumb: the shorter the contact time with the water, the finer the grind should be. Use about 18-19g of espresso powder for a full portafilter and ideally a grinder with a disc grinder for consistent results. A hand mill with a suitable grinder is also suitable.

  4. Smooth the coffee in the portafilter to create a flat surface for tamping.

  5. When tamping, use a metal tamper to press evenly on the portafilter with 15-20 kg of pressure. The result should be well solidified and uniform.

  6. Before using the portafilter, rinse the group head thoroughly by running hot water through it for about three seconds to remove any coffee residue.

  7. Place the cup under the carrier opening and wait 25 to 35 seconds to get a perfect espresso. If the processing time is too fast or too slow, adjust the grind accordingly.

Of course, these are the basic steps for making espresso that you need to follow. Of course, there are many additional tools like coffee dispensers, puck screens, levelers, etc. that you can use. But these are the basic methods. Experiment, play around and enjoy your espresso